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Hornbill Series

The Rhinoceros hornbill is an endangered species that is disappearing along with its natural habitat: the rainforest jungles of Borneo.  Lucy Liew created this series with inspiration from the mythology of the native peoples of Borneo who believe that the hornbill is a messenger to the remote high god and symbolizes wealth, health and prosperity. For Lucy, the hornbill symbolizes not only a connection to her Malaysian roots but also her faith in God, and the freedom to express herself through art. The hornbill paintings have evolved throughout the series.  The initial works portray the birds as idealized, elegant creatures. However, in later works the artist has given more variety to her hornbills; some are slender, some are plump and others have shorter beaks or even comical faces. This added diversity is a reflection of the diversity of the human experience. As the series continued to evolve, these themes are expressed on a grander scale, often extending beyond the realm of a single panel to envelop the senses in movement and color.

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