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Four Easy Steps

Determine the right art piece for your space with this evaluation.

Painting size being determined on a wall with blue tape.
Commission at client home in Mark West Spring Santa Rosa.JPG

Measure a suitable size on your desired wall using blue tape. 

Artwork Chosen


Choose a suitable spot in your home. Artworks can bring energy, a sense of calm, or a peaceful atmosphere to a room. Consider installing artwork above a fireplace, a bed, a sofa, or in your home office. Make sure the location does not receive direct sunlight, excessive heat or moisture to avoid damage to your artwork. Once a space has been determined, take a photo and measure the wall dimensions.



Consider a piece of art that brings a color contrast or accent to enhance the space, or coordinate with the colors in the room. 



Select artwork that is meaningful to you and reflects your personality. Purchase something that you love, that you want to live with and will keep inspiring you on a daily basis.



Determine your budget for artwork. If the price of an original painting seems out of reach, there are options. I offer flexible payment plans that provide convenient monthly payments to suit your budget. Another excellent choice is to consider one of my Giclée art prints. In addition to offering a lower price point, they are available in a variety of sizes for a perfect fit.

"Our gorgeous painting...Hornbill Passage, is a prominent focal point in our home. The painting...hangs in a large, open stairwell which receives abundant natural light. What was once a large blank wall that was begging for "that special something" has now become a festive feast for the eyes! Whenever we walk past, we can't help but smile at the exuberant interplay of colors and designs in the artwork!

Not only is Lucy an accomplished artist, but she was wonderful to work with. Lucy made it a point to prepare the painting for hanging, participated in the installation and worked very well with our contractor. We highly recommend her, both on a personal and a professional basis!"

- L & G, Gilroy CA

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