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Acrylic painting depicting California's flora and fauna, whales, redwoods, and vineyards with the coast in the background

California Treasures

California Treasures is an imagined view from the Sierras to California’s Central coast with the flora and fauna of the Golden State as an element of discovery. Fauna: Pelicans, Orcas, Spotted owl, Pileated woodpecker, Brown bear, Coyote, Big horn sheep, American Marten, Robin, Scrub jay, Monarch butterflies, Hummingbird, Red tail hawks, Pika, Chipmunk, Deer, Quail, Bobcat, Banana slug & California newt. Flora: Carpenteria, Snow plant, Lupine, California poppies, Cow Parsnips, Tiger lily, Indian paintbrush, grapevines, field crops (various), Jeffrey pine, Oak trees & Douglas Fir trees.

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