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Giclée canvas print depicting butterflies and tree peonies rising out of a nautilus, with a Chinese vase in the background

Joy of Family

This vibrant piece portrays the joy of family in a larger-than-life rendering of a blooming tree peony and new life in the form of butterflies.  Peonies and butterflies are often used as decorative themes on Chinese ceramic pieces and paintings which were familiar elements from the artist’s upbringing. An auspicious flower in Chinese tradition, the peony is known as the flower of riches and honor and is an emblem of wealth and distinction. It symbolizes prosperity, peace, happiness, and is also regarded as an omen of good fortune.  In this painting, the tree peony is meant to portray a family tree, which brings all of these elements in the form of a family legacy.


The butterfly is a universal symbol for joy, transformation and new life.  This is an image for anyone contemplating, or in the midst of a major change.  In this painting, the butterflies also represent new life in the form of children. Their flight appears as dancing, and is a reminder not to take things so seriously. Unlike the flowers and butterflies that portray tangible elements, the vase is a symbolic representation of “family legacy” that provides a sense of belonging and connection to a common heritage. 


The vase is resting on a nautilus which provides a symbolic representation of the cycle of life, and a connection with the Divine.  This element represents a family’s faith legacy which is often passed down from generation to generation, a spiritual foundation that provides stability and balance.



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PriceFrom $350.00

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