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Quail & Vale

Quail & Vale

“Quail & Vale” features a male California Quail (Callipepla Californica) perched on a weathered fencepost located in a saddle or “vale” at the foot of a grassy hillside dotted with vibrant rocks, oaks, and California golden poppies.


California quail are common throughout California’s oak woodlands and coastal prarie, where they forage on seeds, leaves, berries and insects. While it is often difficult to spot a flock of quail (known as a “covey”), their characteristic “pips” can often be heard along with their distinctive “ka-kah-ko or Chi-ca-go” calls. When you do spot a quail, it is typically a male bird perched on a rock, branch or fencepost – keeping a watchful eye while the rest of the covey forages nearby.

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