Giclée canvas print depicting Malaysian flora and fauna surrounding a giant magnolia flower floating above a nautilus
  • Joy of Living

    The broad spectrum of colors in this vivid piece captures the various hues and complexities of our life experience.  The Magnolia flower at the center of the picture represents our blossoming growth and thriving, set against a background of native flora and fauna from my home country of Malaysia.  The element of flight is found throughout this piece – representing the strength and lifting of the spirit.  At the same time, the element of flight represents a journey or migration to a new destination.  The nautilus in the picture is physical representation of the cycle of life and our life journey – a pathway that originates from the Creator. It spirals outwards from the moment of our birth as our world and experiences increase. The end is indeterminate as it spirals around the central axis of the vase. The vase / vessel is a representation of “self”, our heritage, wisdom and the sum of our experiences. It extends off of the canvas as it continues to expand with each new day.

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    PriceFrom $395.00