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Giclée canvas print depicting California poppies, with the Sonoma coast in the background
  • Resilience Sonoma

    In this bright, uplifting composition, a California Fire Poppy (Papaver californicum) dances in a field of California Golden Poppies (Eschscholzia californica) on a hillside with the Sonoma coast visible on the horizon. The fire poppy symbolizes our first responders, in addition to hope, healing and a new beginning for those affected by 2017 fires. The golden poppies symbolize the bountiful outpouring of support from the surrounding communities, and the horizon is looking to the future as Sonoma County rebuilds to a better and brighter tomorrow.

    • Giclée Prints FAQ

      For information on Giclée prints, proper care, and framing, please scroll to the bottom of the main Giclée print page. 

    PriceFrom $295.00

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