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Giclée canvas print depicting a lotus flower and withered lotus leaves above a yellow and blue background
  • Reverence

    I don’t paint traditional landscapes, but my work is inspired by nature and finding parallels with the human condition.   I was captivated by the way mature lotus leaves wither and fold, in stark contrast with the vibrant new blossoms that rise from their watery habitat.  This inspired a composition that parallels the Christmas story and the Adoration of the Magi where the wise men from the East come to worship the baby Jesus.  To imbue a sense of divinity to the flower, I chose to portray it ascending off of the canvas.  On another level, this piece captures the hope and wonder that accompany the birth of a child.  In many cultures this is cause for the entire village to celebrate.   

    • Giclée Prints FAQ

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    PriceFrom $450.00

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